Custom Cut Holographic or Metallic Logo

Logos are cut from holographic or metallic film and applied to your badges and passes. Imagine your custom cut company logo on your event badge! Virtually eliminates any chance of unwanted and unlawful reproduction! A wide assortment of film types and colors available but because of the nature of this kind of customization, we do not recommend requesting this feature on rush orders.

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Holographic tape or laser cut shapes.

Custom Holographic Prism Tape

Add an extra layer of protection to your ticket, badge or pass with holographic, prism tape. Strips of holographic prism tape are glued on a ticket or sandwiched between the printed material and lamination on a badge or pass to make forgery extremely difficult if not impossible.

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Copper

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Anti-Counterfeiting Back Printing

Add a custom "Non Repro-Blue" Back Print to your passes, badges and tickets and counterfeiting becomes nearly impossible. Custom back printing provides security while branding your passes/badges and tickets with your logo or other custom text and/or monochrome vector images. Tried, tested and passes with flying colors, our custom back printing can NOT be reproduced by any known conventional copiers.

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Variable Data

Variable data such as text (dates/times/access areas), images, barcoding, QR coding and/or serial numbering on individual passes and badges to handle incidental differences from needed credentials. Applying variable data can be used to personalize badges/passes with identification (names and photos), helps you track when a particular pass or badge comes up missing or is counterfeited, as well as controls access areas and date/time differentials for your venues and event.

QR / Bar Coding

A QR Code is a basically a barcode which can be read by free smartphone apps via the phone’s camera. QR codes are extremely versatile and cheap for us to generate for you or free to generate yourself. Whether your needs are encoding with a serial number for tracking purposes or if you need your QR code to do more complex functions such as vCard or vCalendar Event data being entered into the device which is scanning the QR code, logging a guest onto a WiFi network, sending a text, launching a call, and/or directing the guest to a website on their device - there are many capabilities available. Hit us up for more information!

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Encapsulated Laminated Badges

Go old-school with 10 mil pouch laminated badges and passes. Combine this type of lamination with our security features and bring back corporate cool!

Whatever your security feature needs are, we've got you covered. Combine any of these features to increase security and extend your ability to control guests, staff, security and vendors! Call us for a no-pressure chat about the possibilities: 877-205-4090

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